Quality Control

As wood is a natural material it is often viewed as imperfect, this perception is magnified by todays slick plastic world where slick man made surfaces invade our lives. The result is we are left out of touch with the natural world around us. When it comes to wood there are nicks, cracks, knots, holes, dents and other blemishes that often cover the surface, some can be controlled to a degree and some simply can not. While minor imperfections should be not only be accepted, they should be thought of as something inherent to both material and process, these things give added character and originality to the final piece. In other words its the imperfection of wood as a material that makes it perfect. After all this is "art" we are talking about here, nothing here pops out of a mold and rolls off an assembly line in some foreign land. With all that said there are pieces that for one reason or another that do not meet the high standards we set. Sometimes it is a real problem with the wood and sometimes a piece gets screwed up beyond repair. So what do we do with the rejects? We light 'em up bust out the marshmallows...

burn b.jpg
burn c.jpg
burn d.jpg
burn a.jpg