The Workshop

Who said woodworking is just for your grandpa?
Wood Candy Workshop merges old school wood working with a contemporary aesthetic and modern twist that brings personality to wood. Influenced by pop culture, modern design, interactivity, symbols, mechanical gears, and anything that makes us smile – We strive to explore the fusion of these interests with wood, respecting the deep and rich heritage of past craftsmen but breaking away from all of it at the same time. 

The Wood

All our work is made from the finest cuts of hardwood found anywhere. Every piece of wood tells a story with those quirky little imperfections are what make the pieces unique and perfect. That tiny little hole? Oh yeah - a bug chewed through that 50 years ago! That funky looking knot? guess what? those trees gotta grow branches. Or what about those those small dents, nicks or little imperfections? Hey this stuff ain't plastic, it sure doesn't come out of a mold, and nothing here roles off of a factory assembly line. Its all built to last so you can give it to your great grand kids. Every piece is designed, cut, shaped, sanded, oiled and packaged by us for you. 

The People

Wood Candy Workshop is owned and run by Cameron Tiede and Rachael Tiede in Flower Mound Texas.