Why do you work in wood?
Wood is natural, beautiful and durable. It is also challenging as it is a living medium as it is constantly in a state of movement. Because no two grain patterns are the same it is impossible to create two identical pieces, this ensures that every object is a true original. not to mention the fact that we love it.

How to you stain the wood to make it that color?
None of the woods are stained. All the wood used is its natural color, the only finishing treatment used is oil, polyurethane and wax.

What wood species do you use? 
Some of the woods used are Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Paduak, Oak, and Ash. Only  sustainable wood species that are not threatened are used, and all are purchased from reputable environmentally sound vendors. Much of the wood comes from domestic sources where possible.

What tools do you use? 
Some of the tools used in the creation of our wood objects
•Belt Sander, Disc Sander, Spindle Sander
•Planer and Jointer
•Table Saw, Band Saw, Miter Saw, Scroll Saw
•Router Table and Numerical Router
•Lathe and Turning Tools
•Hand Drill and Drill Press
•HVLP Turbine and Sprayer
•A variety of Hand Tools including Chisels, Mallets, Calipers and a bunch of Clamps
 •Dust Collection System and Air Filtration Unit

Do You have a degree in mechanical engineering?
No - But I get asked this frequently when people see some of my pieces that move and work with gears. I have 2 degrees - one in graphic design and the other in illustration.

Where on earth is Flower Mound, Texas?
What you've never heard of this magical place? The Town of Flower Mound is located about 30 miles northwest of Dallas and 35 miles northeast of Fort Worth. (Map)

How can I find out about your next release?
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Where can I see more?
Check us out on instagram where we post shots of work in progress.