Dum Drops at Designer Con

We are excited to share another release for DesignerCon - Dum Drops!
Thats right - we have started playing with a bit of color!

Dum Drops
Designed and Handcrafted in Flower Mound Texas
Each is Uniquely Customized with Acrylic
Stands 6 inches Tall
Comes in a Muslin Sack
Inlaid Eyes
2 Points of Articulation

Hand Rubbed in Satin Finish Oil and Topped off with Beeswax
Hardwood Cherry or Walnut body with Maple arms
To be Released at Designer Con - Booth 110 by the entrance

Come back for another DesignerCon announcement tomorrow!!!

Toooba at DesignerCon

Toooba drops at DesignerCon on November 21st

And here are the details...
•Designed and Handcrafted in Flower Mound Texas
•Stands 8 inches tall with 3 Points of Articulation
3 Variants  •Silly   •Sleepy   •Surly    (faces are different, Surly is the one pictured above)
Limited Edition of only 27 (total number of all 3 variants combined)
Comprised of 4 species of Hardwood Cherry, Walnut, Maple and Padauk
•Hand rubbed in Satin Oil Finish and topped off in Beeswax
•Comes in a Muslin Sack

Stay tuned for photos of the variants plus other goodies for Designer Con!